The most comprehensive and proven
PREMIER Network Marketing System
on the planet!

Over 225 Thousand Opt-Ins worldwide.

Experience doing Internet Marketing and Training... teaching folks just like you how to start, run, and quickly become successful and profitable in a solid business of their own since 1998.

Receive significant high commission payouts by following our training, recommendations, and business/marketing plans.

Learn from our step-by-step guidance exactly what to do to earn a substantial income from your own business.

Our guidance focuses on training you to build your own business; both online and offline, helping you to make income today, tomorrow, and going forward.

It is possible. You can do it. It's life changing.

Free members receive free training and access to our medical discount programs (as all members do). These can help you as a self-employed entrepreneur. One of our programs is

World Profit HRA Solutions

which can help you by providing a way for you to deduct 100% of your healthcare expenses and reduce your taxes thereby. The other is our

HealthShare For America

program which can reduce your monthly healthcare costs by hundreds to thousands of dollars!

Free members, also, receive access to many other free private label rights products they can use and learn from. These products cover a myriad of subjects and bring tremendous value to your membership. ...and, if you already have a website, you'll get access to our free traffic sources, as well as, training on how to use them to promote your website or existing business! However...

Here's why you should become a World Profit Club™ paid member...

First and foremost, we know you need leads. Thus, ALL paid members receive a responsive lead capture website (with many templates to choose from), email management services to go with that, and the opportunity of a free domain name (whether free or not just depends on the TLD you choose). Plus they get free hosting for that website, SSL security, and more!

In addition, your paid membership can bring you a Complete Business Startup Package with business AND support websites of your own, free hosting for those sites, and SSL security. The business site comes pre-loaded with products to learn from, use, and/or sell, as well as the ability to add more through simple forms. Both sites are database driven. We set it all up for you, and train you how to use all the features.

Every business needs legal advice and forms from time to time. With your membership, you receive free legal forms of various types for you, for your websites, and for your business. Plus you receive access to discount legal resouces that provide free business consultations and 40% discounts on legal fees, should you ever need an attorney.

There are many other benefits and discounts on many products outside of your membership, and which no one else in this industry offers at this time.

... everything you need to create and grow your business and ALL from one source ... your World Profit Club Membership.

And there's lots more! World Profit Club gives you 60% to 90% commission on referrals you send our way and who become paid members. That's residual income in your pocket! Even our free members can receive a 25% commission residually for referrals who become paid members! No one else in this industry pays such high commissions AND gives such high commissions even to free members!

With your paid membership, you also receive free access to our huge, current PLR product library and may keep 100% of the income from sales of those products! We keep nothing from those sales. We just want you to become and stay our paid member so we can help you grow your business. That's how we grow ours!

To learn more about us, you can watch two videos available on our entry site at WorldProfit.Info or join at our main site: World Profit Associates.

WPC™ (the acronym for our club) provides tested and proven legitimate programs, products, services, and software that are in demand, and easy to learn from, use, and/or sell for profits that are yours to keep.

Also, you can use the tools, traffic, and other goodies included in your paid membership to make money in not just our club and other recommended programs, but also for ANY affiliate program or other business opportunity that you are involved in!

Yep, you read that right... You can use everything available to you with your paid membership here to promote and grow not only your World Profit Club business, but ANY business you have, or affiliate program you're in!

The training we provide is COMPREHENSIVE, and KEY to the success any business; online or offline, and therefore, essential to your success.

You're going to get:

  • Lead Capture Website with free hosting, free SSL, Email Management Services, and more!
  • Access to our free traffic sources (over 100 in our list currently).
  • Free legal forms, and access to discount legal services.
  • Access to our HRA program which can provide you with reduced taxes and the ability to deduct 100% of your medical expenses as a self-employed entrepreneur.
  • Access to our HealthShare program which can reduce your monthly healthcare costs by hundreds to thousands of dollars compared to the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and Insurance company premiums.
  • Get paid to refer members (and we're not talking peanuts here)! You get 60% to 90% commissions just for others you bring in who sign up as paid members! Even free members can receive 25% commissions for referrals who become paid members!
  • Get paid to sell PLR products (and, again, we're not talking pennies like many CPA/PPC programs offer)! You get to keep 100% of the sales you make of PLR products you get with your membership from our awesome and constantly growing library!
  • You can make additional commissions from our other Recommended and Top Rated Affiliate Marketing Programs such as JVZoo, ClickBank, Amazon, Ebay, ... possibly even companies like Toshiba, HP, Best Buy, Walmart, and other great companies with valuable income producing programs and we'll show you how! (commissions vary)
  • ... AND keep 100% of your earnings!

Also, you might be interested to know that our PLR product library currently contains over 2500 Packages that you can learn from, use yourself, and/or sell for 100% commissions ... and they come at no additional cost to you as a paid member! These products are current and the list is constantly growing monthly (sometimes weekly and/or daily)!

Here are some of the tools we bring to the table:

Email Management Services (similar to Aweber and which you do not have to pay for). This can provide you with automated follow-ups with your prospects.

Chat, File Sharing, Screen Sharing, Video Broadcasting, and Video Conferencing services ... just ask us about this. You'll be amazed!

Newsletter Software (start building your own email list. Email lists allow you to make money today and in the future by just SENDING OFFERS. Grow your list and grow your earnings!

Hundreds of ready to use ads, banners, swipes, and copy that you can use and/or easily modify to align with any opportunity or product.

Thousands of great graphics, backgrounds, and other images, plus free image editing software.

Great list building form templates compatible with Aweber and just about any other email marketing management service.

Easily create your own pod-casts with our free audio tools.

Create your own video presentations with our easy-to-use video tools.

Not only that... we have our own email marketing management service ... in-house!

Hundreds of other various products and tools in our PLR library with either written or audio and/or video lessons on how to use them.

Access to our free website builders. We currently have 3 responsive site builder packages you can use.

Advanced Free Link Tracking system to analyze traffic and click sources.

Your own Amazon and eBay Store Builder

Landing, Capture, and Squeeze Page Builders...

Landing Page Builder - EASILY create your own landing pages. A minimum of 4 basic templates are available. Professional results are yours in the end.
Capture Page Builder - Gather emails and build your list. Learn to increase list size using share buttons instead of an email submission form.
Squeeze Page Builder - Create squeeze pages that reach out to visitors' emotions to drive them to your products, services, and/or offers.
Video Landing/Capture/Squeeze Page Builder - Create the equivalent of the other page builders but with video marketing to further derive an emotional buyer response!
Plus many other awesome templates you can edit yourself instead of using a builder and which provide all the types of pages above and more! Hundreds of standard plus mobile-friendly responsive templates available!

You get many different software packages for many different purposes.

You need a newsletter to keep your prospects and sign-ups engaged, and we give you one free. It comes with lots of templates, an online editor, and the ability to mail it out on the schedule of your choice or immediately using our in-house mail management service!

You also get free search engine registration, and SEO tools.

... How's all that sound? Have we gotten your attention yet?

We, also, have 3 great new products you can use as a paid member...

WPC Broadcaster: Broadcast directly from you PC to your WPC website. No client side code required. Secure Peer-to-Peer (over SSL/HTTPS) so encrypted and no bandwidth issues. Runs in an iFrame so works with any page on your WPC site. We can provide responsive templates if needed. Can be purchased for use on other servers and sites than those of WPC. Chat is available as an add-on. Free use for Diamond members.
WPC Video Conferencng: Similar to our broadcast software except it's bi-directional. Everyone in the conference can see and talk with everyone else! Has all the features of our broadcaster regarding performance and usability, plus can also be purchased for use on other servers and sites than those of WPC! Free use for Diamond members.
WPC Video Conference Pro: All the features of our broadcaster and video conferencing software, plus built-in chat, file sharing, and screen sharing! ...and, yes, it can also be purchased for use on other servers and websites. Free use for Diamond members.
Coming Soon! ... our WPC Auto-Call Phone System... a MEGA TIME SAVER! Make calls to prospects and members in your list with the click of a mouse. Record messages and send them out on a schedule either by email or SMS!
Also Coming Soon! ... our WPC Video recording system... Record video messages online, and send them out on a schedule by email or post them on the site and send a marketing or notification email with the link to your video(s).

TRAFFIC Programs that come with your membership include both free and paid options. Clearly, it is not enough to have something worth promoting. You need TRAFFIC... targeted traffic, and lots of it! Sure, lots of the free traffic options we offer are similar to those others offer: Safelists and Exchanges (but there are currently over 100 of them on our list, each with thousands of members ready to review your offers). Also, we have loads of Social media marketing training, tools and techniques, etc. - and all that can bring you great free traffic. However, we also offer paid traffic options. Memberships below diamond and gold must purchase these, but they are free to Gold and Diamond memberships. They include targeted traffic with guaranteed signups! No one else does that for you!

Included in each membership level are Hot MLM Leads (which we sell to non-members and free members, but which our paid members receive at no charge)!

Gold members receive 50 leads per month, and Diamond members receive 200 Hot MLM Leads every month.

You can always purchase more at Hot MLM Leads For Sale!

As an added bonus, to enhance your newsletter usage and quickly help build your lists (yes, the money is in the list, as they say)... we give each membership level help to get started with their newsletter. What kind of help, you may ask? ... As soon as you setup your newsletter, you contact our support department and we provide the following:

Gold members receive 250 leads after attending sales training
Diamond members receive 1000 leads after attending sales training

... These folks are all your prospects (and, hopefully, your eventual sign-ups), but more than that, they are all Potential Buyers!

So from the moment you're ready to send out your 1st newsletter, you have people who will see your offers. These people have opted in through surveys and other pages we and our private partners have in place across the internet. They are people who are interested in and understand network marketing, are ready to start a business online, and have money to invest in it!

Plus, we provide training to help you learn how to grow your list(s) and use our in-house email management service to communicate with your list(s).

In our PLR library, there are many more additional list building tools to help you establish an on-going list that grows continually.

Once again, let us reassure you that our leads provided to each membership level are fresh leads, never reused, and once provided are removed from our database. These are REAL people that searched for information about starting businesses online and found our surveys and other pages. They complete forms confirming by double-opt-in that they are interested in starting an online business, have at least $100 to get started, and are ready to do so. Thus, you can also be assured they are from reliable sources and we are GIVING them to you! Instantly you have prospects as soon as you become a paid member! ...and these prospects are your potential customers.

... and last, but definitely not least ... and for one more High-Five ... all the leads you receive are recorded as your prospects in your prospect database. Thus, if and when they become paid members, you get the commission ... and as you may recall from above ... that's 25%, 60%, 70%, 80% or 90% commission residually that goes into your pocket (percentage just depends on your membership level)!

In case you don't already know, Search Engine Optimization is of high importance to your marketing efforts. It is what can get you ranked on page 1 or lack of it on page 100. Organic Search Engine Traffic is what you want. If you get enough of that, you don't have to by ads from google adwords, Bing and the like. One of our tools that will help you with this is UltimateSEO.Club. This site can be used confidently by you, just as it is by many other experts, marketers, and seasoned resellers, and it's free with your paid membership. Just join UltimateSEO.Club free, then contact our support department after you become a paid member of World Profit Club, request your free upgrade on UltimateSEO.Club, and we'll hook you up!

Everything that comes with your membership, whatever level you choose, is designed specifically to guide you to consistent online income from a myriad of sources. We want you to start with one thing; be it a product, service, offer, or other opportunity that you get from us or have already, then grow gradually to another, then another, etc. By doing that you'll eventually Become an Internet Real Estate Tycoon!

Once you've joined as any level of member, we will help you choose a template for and setup your Lead Capture Website with free hosting, free SSL, Email Management Services, etc. Then we'll give you access to the promised traffic sources. For paid members, we'll setup your database with promised leads ready to market to. For Diamond members, we'll also get your unlimited paid traffic and guaranteed signups going!

Any time you have questions, problems, or just a suggestion, you can open a ticket at Our Support Site.

Since our training materials are online, you get unlimited access to them 24/7/365. Train, promote, market, and sell from anywhere there's an internet connection available to you any time of day or night! That's the wonderful part about being in business for yourself!

We will train you to use all the resources available to you through your membership.

You may have heard of Doctor's now providing consultation and diagnosis online through video. Well our staff is on our sites through video, as well, and multiple times per day. You can see and hear them and chat with them. We provide marketing help, training, support, and help close sales through video media on our sites. We're working to expand that coverage to 24/7, as well, so that when we formally launch, we'll be there for you on video all the time.

Every Saturday and Sunday evening we provide an online training seminar typically hosted by our owner, Jesse Josserand, but occasionally guest hosted by other leaders in the industry; Internet Marketing Experts, Business and Life Coaching Experts, and others. The seminars currently are held at 730pm Eastern Time on those days.

Private one-on-one coaching, consultation, and training is available, as well, on a case-by-case basis. Just open a support ticket with a request and we'll set up a 15 minute free consult or a paid session for longer periods (price negotiated with each request). You may also use our scheduler.

Fact: The people who apply the training and plans we provide make money. How much depends on you and how much time and focus you put in as you follow the steps provided... but it is a process, though a simple one, if followed consistently.

You'll be taught the skills needed to build a foundation on which your business can stand. Then you'll learn the techniques you can use to grow your business a little more every day. Over time (and it does take time), you will build a solid business with long term income you can count on.

All these things are the reasons we've remained in business since we started in 1998 (unlike many similar companies that here today and gone tomorrow).

...and Remember, We will help you any way we can. If you need help with marketing, we'll do our best to help you with that. If you need help with referrals signing up, we'll try to close them with you or for you. If you have any other business or training needs, ... that's what we're here for! It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or a seasoned marketer, there's always a need or a question, and that's why we support you. You can come into the Live Broadcaster at WorldProfit.Info or You can, also, schedule a live video conference for support or training purposes any time using our scheduler. Join us at this link.


Task #1 for you is to simply promote and refer people to World Profit Club, they log in automatically to the free member lobby which is our Broadcast Center. There our videos and/or Live Staff Members work to upgrade those referrals for you!

Task #2 is to promote your Lead Capture Page for at least an hour every day.

For these two tasks, when referrals and leads captured become paid members, you receive 60% to 90% commission residually (fyi, the amount depends on your member level).

Task #3 is to promote other aspects of your membership here that bring you income.

Remember, sales of PLR products available with your level of membership bring you 100% profit.

Task #4 is to promote any other outside opportunity, product or service that you are involved in and do so using the tools available to you here.

Task #5 is to learn something new everyday! You can choose what that is from our library.

In the near future, you will also be able to market our Broadcaster and Video Conferencing packages! That's going to be HUGE!

We believe in you! Our goal is to lead you to success and income from your membership here! If we work together, and you follow instructions, you will succeed!

What else is there? What have we forgotten to tell you?

Oh, right! There is one more important thing you get...


Who in the Wide World (of Profit) is Jesse Josserand?

Well, I'm Jesse Josserand (that's me in the picture). I'm the founder, owner, and webmaster of World Profit Club, as well as your one-on-one training provider, and coach. I'll be helping you learn about starting and/or growing your online business, and also helping you quickly become successful and profitable in it.
What I offer you is my experience since 1998 as an Internet Marketer and Trainer. What you get with your membership here has been conceived and created by my team at CreativeZone.Club since 2012, has been constantly updated, and is now being released to the world. Personally, I've been in IT since 1971 and have done everything from hardware and operating system design to having been a CTO. You can find my resume online at Jesse.Josserand.Com.
... and, Yes, I am a programmer, as well. Since I've been in Internet Marketing for so many years, I know what works, and what doesn't. I and my team have included in your membership, wonderful tools, fabulous software, verifiable traffic, guaranteed signups, and lots more ... all designed for one purpose ... to provide many ways for you to become profitable, and to support the growth of your business in the future.

I developed the Business Training provided here largely based on my training in the USAF. I was an electronics instructor (DC through Microwave), and taught new recruits how to perform electronics-related services for their various jobs (about 30 different job roles) from the most basic communications jobs to the most sophisticated missle systems. USAF training requires discipline, focus, plan-oriented goal creation, and task management. That is the base of solid integrity brought to you throughout the training programs here.

When I left the USAF (with honorable discharge and full benefits, btw), I entered the business world as both a technical service engineer in the field of computers, as well as a designer thereof, and trainer of other engineers. Eventually, I started my own consulting firms (3 of them), and since then my focus has been helping others to achieve success in business by sharing what I know ... I am successful, and seek to help others become successful everyday.

I believe people CAN achieve success in business and in life given the right tools and creating the right business and life plans. One must establish achievable goals, and with proper instruction from our business and life coaching team, in our interactive and personalized LIVE online seminars twice weekly, you have the opportunity to learn from experts. You can watch and learn on screen as your questions are answered, and learn exactly what you need to do to get started, stay focused, and achieve success with the plans we'll reveal to you.

For far too long we have watched people try to earn online using poor methods, without a proven system, without help, and without consistent traffic. If you are one of the unfortunate few trying desperately to "do it all by yourself", you'll likely never achieve the level of success you desire. You may make a few sales here and there, but if you are truly serious, and willing to commit to a goal and daily task-driven plan for business growth and success, then it is IMPERATIVE that you have the best tools, support, training, and coaches to help keep you on track and make it happen. That is where your paid membership becomes your friend and platform for success.

You get all of this in one place at World Profit Club. Your paid membership brings you all that is outlined here, and everything included is geared 100% to your success. You get all of this for a very small amount of money as compared to how much you can potentially make as we help you start a legitimate internet-based business that you can grow over time.

You will NEVER hear get rich promises from us, success is earned! What World Profit Club offers you is NOT a business opportunity, it's a comprehensive proven system for building your own successful internet-based business complete with training, software, traffic, support, and proven income programs. If you were to invest in each of the items included with your paid membership; the software, the training, the traffic, and the many other products and services, as well as the support you'll get, it would cost you literally many thousands of dollars! I know, because I lost over $30,000 as I worked to figure all this out on my own!

Other companies will stop at nothing to convince you that with their very expensive paid memberships you'll get "EVERYTHING you need to start making money", that everything you need to do so is "INCLUDED in your [paid] Membership", and that they "won't bombard you with pop ups and upsells", when in fact just the opposite is true! I've experienced that, as well.

However, in addition to all the other wonderful features of your membership in World Profit Club, we have ways that you can make money as soon as TODAY, if you're interested, and that is no empty promise! Online profit is not the only achieveable goal. There are other ways, both online and offline, that can bring you income; some relatively immediately, and others that require more effort, but which also have bigger potential returns.

Now I have a question for you...

Are you ready to become a paid member of World Profit Club NOW and immediately get started creating and/or growing your business?

Try us even if it's just for one month. Aren't you worth it? Compared to other opportunities, it is very inexpensive to get started. Work hard, follow the plan, stay focused, and you can easily recover your membership cost and more! Do you believe in yourself enough to go for it? There is NO long term commitment nor obligation, thus, there is ZERO risk to you. You will be supported by our team of experts, and be a welcome member in our World Wide Profit Club community.

We are certain you will be completely satisfied with the benefits of your paid membership. Since 1998, we've stood behind our products, services and support and we guarantee customer satisfaction. Here's something else of which you should be aware... many other companies in this industry that offer you the "100% Iron Clad Guarantee" promise "If you aren't happy", will tell you that they'll redouble their efforts to make you happy, but what they only tell you in their "fine print" is that they also have NO REFUNDS!. We, on the other hand, do provide refunds within your 1st 30 days. There is no long term commitment, though we hope you'll make one for yourself, because without that, you're destined not to succeed. You may cancel your membership at any time. We truly hope you will give yourself time to grow your learning, experience, and business with us.

No business has ever been successful in their 1st 30 days (well maybe there's a few), but real growth requires stamina and consistent effort, and that is what we try to help you achieve. We have an excellent reputation, and have built our business gradually and by helping one person at a time. We've grown over the years, but we've never forgotten that people like you are the core of and most important part of our business.

Perhaps just like you... we started our business from an idea written down on a napkin in a restaurant, and we know very well that EVERY prospect, customer, and member matters!

Put us to work for you!

Get Started Now!

The fact that you took the time to read this lengthy document shows that you have the stamina and ability to stick to a task until you have completed it! Thus, you definitely have what it takes to be successful and profitable in this business!

Make One Of The Best Decisions Of Your Life Starting Right Now!

Thanks in advance!

Jesse Josserand

Jesse Josserand
Founder, Owner, and Webmaster of World Profit Club
Your One-on-One Training Provider, and Internet Marketing Coach
Ex-USAF Electronics Instructor (as well as Computer and Crypto Maintenance Tech)
Website Designer/Programmer/Database Engineer since 1996
Internet Marketer and Trainer since 1998
Carriere, Mississippi

P.S. Here are a few testimonials from people we have provided various services to in the past...

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Disclaimer: Access to some of the content listed above depends on your membership level.